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Drunk Call from angry fired lady. Irma_2007-12-12

Sofa King We Todd Did Mix 08 Beat down mix for the above clip. 




The Buzz here in Houston had a contest to remix the Nine Inch Nails single Only, so Nolan and I each did our own mix.   

NIN - Only (POS Remix - Explicit) Nolan's Mix 

NIN - Only (Sunset Bliss Remix - Explicit) Johnny Dollar Mix 1 

NIN - Only (Sunset Bliss Remix - Radio Friendly) Johnny Dollar Mix 2 




Here is a song that I covered for the first Mike Doughty Tribute CD (the one that never happened). I recommend turning it up and listening at least once with a good set of headphones. It's got an industrial sound to it, unlike the original . If you want to hear Soul Coughing's brilliant source version, it appears on the Batman and Robin soundtrack. 

The Bug (AirWolf Mix)



Extended remix of the Bug with additional keyboard by Nolan Vander Haagen.

The Bug (Ambiant Mix)  



This song was originally done by Harry Nilson. It's a cool song to noodle around with and I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you like it.




This song was originally recorded by Soul Coughing on their awe-inspiring CD El OSO ("...that's Spanish for the Oso.")

Circles (Nice and Round Mix)



1989. I was 19 years old. Ever since I was 13, I wanted to engineer/produce music - not necessarily to record myself. This was my first attempt. I had 2 tape recorders, and I would record on one, play it back while I played along on the next track and layer them out. However, not only did each take add more noise and decrease the sound quality, the batteries that I was running through one of them were apparently running low (or one was just running a tad faster than the other), and by the time I finished, the stuff I recorded at the beginning was like a half step out of tune and the tempo at the end is slower. Though I tried to filter out some of the tape hiss and noise, it's still rather poor. I didn't know I still had this, so I was a bit taken by surprise when I found it. As you can see, I decided to post it, Robert Smith impression and all. All I had at the time was a guitar and a cheap little Casio keyboard.




This is an instrumental that I put together a while back with some new embellishments. In addition to some live instruments there are several samples and loops. Since I've been working on a couple of new things and I figured it might be a nice time to work on this one because I like the groove. Hope you like it too. It's got a bit of a trebled out intro, but hopefully the song will compensate. 

Bad Monkey, No No Get Down!



A song that Nolan from Edge and I worked on together for the same MD Tribute CD mentioned above. Mike's haunting original appears on the newly re-released CD, Skittish. Nolan plays all the instruments and did the vocals as well. You can visit Edge's site at You can also hear Nolan playing guitar on Ice Cube's War & Peace and Bruce Takara's mellow They Call Me Bruce.

Language Barrier  



My brother Shane's band (Cronus) did this track live at the Engine Room. The song reminds me of the path a satellite might take while in orbit around a planet, briefly breaking into the frenzied atmosphere and heating up before returning to the relative cool calm of space. Shane is the drummer so pay particular attention to them - he rocks!

Cronus - Orbit



And a totally kicking studio track. - Attention... must... pay!

Cronus - Turn 2


Check back for more songs:

Covers of Adam Ant's SEX, Mike Doughty and BT's Never Gonna Come Back Down, perhaps some original music and more are STILL to come.



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