All kinds of really cool stuff here - (The online home of Mike Doughty -former Soul Coughing front man) YOU CAN NOW BUY HAUGHTY MELODIC THERE!!! AND check out his NEW video for Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well here

Mike Doughty's Music Page - (SWEET!) 

Be sure to check out EvenHand. J9 (nine) & SSR Redux - (Continuations of the BBS community formerly found at SSQ & SSR) - (My brother Shane's band's site) <<UNDER GOING SITE changes>> - Here are some pics from a live show on 02-21-03 . AND listen to their songs Orbit & Turn 2 in the music section. - (Some good friends' website) <<BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THEIR NEW CD: AS SHE RUNS !>> - (Gorillaz official website) - (, can you turn it up, can you turn it up?) 

They Might Be Giants - (Café con pan, café con pan) 

Cake - (Cake's official website) - (The official Steve Vai website) - (House of Blues Online) - (Great Harry Potter Fan Site) - ("The 'crossroads' of genre entertainment") - (Another great source of online behind the scenes movie info) 

DeepFriedLive - (Cooking and entertainment!) 

AtomFilms - (All kinds of movies right on your computer) - (The best in flash games and animation) 

Vice City - (Grand Theft Auto Vice City) 

DiabloII - (My favorite computer based game + downloadable demo) 

CartoonNetwork Downloads - (Cartoon Network's downloads) - (A cool, but mildly twisted web based comic strip)  -(The Official Website)

The Real Mach 5 - (Here you can find pictures of the real Mach 5! YES IT'S REAL!!) - (Who is Your's Truly Johnny Dollar? - Find out here)


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