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Mike Doughty art

Can you do the fandango? Bishop Doughty Who'da thunk it? E=MC Doughty - Mike + Einstein = Johnny Rotten? Danny Kaye? Have you? Like sweeps around the radio tower everyday you gain an hour Let the man go through! Donde esta los digits du DJ Rap? Wouldn't that be great? Mike Spins Gwen Spins Flyer I did for Mike's Show in HoustonWhat a cute couple Darth Doughty S Doughty says, "Live long and prosper." Doughty      Mike Doughty Indiana Doughty Kevin Smith and Michael Mewes Sir Doughty of the Small Rock Wild One Salvidor Doughty ObiWan M Doughty M Doughty - Elvis impersonator extraordinaire What is the Matrix? Doughty is the Man From Uncle Lethal Doughty Warrior of the Small Rock Copper Doughty Army of Mikeness Mikey ScissorhandsMike Eastwood  Clockwork Orange  


Edge art

Cover art for their first cd The colors...the colors... From a bowl of Alphabits to... Poster_01 Bright poster layout Dark poster layout

Misc. Stuff

  Andy and Floyd Barney's new shampoo Airbrushed T-shirt '89 Airbrushed denim jacket circa '88-'89 Betty and I... we were just sittin' on the couch talking, really ; ) Denise Richards and Me My car hanging out with some friends Guess who        ...it's Lois (shhh)... Bears just chillin' to the cool tunes Wizard of Trina! What punchers fear most! ; ) A slap together Corel job that didnt come out half bad Original '91 from an Action comic redone in '01 True Genius Halle Berry Scared Flyer I did for Shane's band Buckbeak Lives Prongs Rides Again Dementors Kiss(Prongs detail) Scabbers

Misc. Photos

Grandma - My Mom's Mom Grandpa - My Mom's Dad Grandma - My Dad's Mom My brother Shane at work Shane's Graduation Picture My brother with his band... Hey, where's the drummer? There he is! So be her daddy, she hits back. Kiss the Drummer, Rat-a-tat-tat! My beautiful cousin, Autumn Did I mention that she was beautiful? Uhm... It's just me Dad + Mom = Me From cute lil' kid to complete geek! ; )


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